Antibiotic Prescribing

Below is an overview of practice level antibiotic prescribing for each infectious condition

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Antibiotic Prescribing Variability

Antibiotic prescribing rates in the UK. This plot shows for incidental prescribing, the proportion of consultations that were prescribed an antibiotic prescription, stratified by each infectious condition within the UK. Each data point represents prescribing for an individual practice. For more information on each practice, see the table below (bottom left).

How does monthly volume of primary care prescribing compare with national average?


This table displays raw counts for incidental GP consultations where antibiotics were prescribed/not prescribed according to specific infectious conditions for each practice. The proportion of episodes prescribed is displayed as a percentage so a comparison can be made between each practice and the antibiotic prescribing rates in the UK (above). Observations less than 5 have been removed.

Which antibiotics are prescribed for each infectious condition?

In this sunburst plot, you can filter the prescriptions issued by each infectious condition. The outer ring indicates how frequent each antibiotic drug was prescribed for that condition. Data is a summation of all cases prescribed an antibiotic between Jan 2015 and Dec 2017. Click the legend to see all product names.